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With eyes wide open


Hubertus Blaumeiser

A “mysticism of open eyes” (J.B.Metz): it’s an emerging need today, one being expressed in countless ways. It’s a mysticism in tune with daily life while looking reality in the face, a mysticism capable of finding and experiencing God even in the midst of discord and inevitable conflicts. It joins together the search, and thirst, for God with the building of peace and unity in our family of humankind.

This issue’s Focus section explores characteristics, dimensions, roots, and consequences of such a mysticism, one which Pope Francis recently called a “mysticism of the ‘we’”. Only in this way, the Pope shared, will it be possible to “mould a new face of the city” and attain a “global civilization of coalition” (Loppiano, Italy, May 10, 2018). Likewise, the experiences and other articles in this issue look at mysticism from this same perspective, including relationships between individual persons, imbuing of various sectors of society, and efforts in ecumenical and interreligious dialogue.

If “mysticism” means experiencing and allowing ourselves to be surprised by God -- and if this can happen specifically in the “we” context of our relationships with one another -- then our hope is that this magazine, too, is a reflection of this “we”. And, it’s important to be conscious of the fact that these first two issues were not simply the ‘work’ of editorial staff. Rather, these issues are the ‘workings’ of relationships, encounters and unexpected events extending far beyond the editorial staff. For this reason, we are happy and grateful to bring ahead, together with the help of so many others, this Ekklesía project. 

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Towards a Mysticism of the 'We'   -  January to March 2019   -  no 2  2019/1

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