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Beyond Polarization

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January - March 2023   -   no 18   2023/1

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Not infrequently,

diversity bewilders

and disturbs us,

and sometimes hurts us.

If we embrace it

with humility, however,

it can be of enormous service to us:

it breaks the sense of self-absorption and opens us up

to what lies

beyond ourselves.

Pat Santoianni - Forming Community Leaders

The Diploma in Community Leadership is sponsored by the branch of the Sophia University in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).

Pat Santoianni, the coordinator of the project, speaks to us about it.

Vincent Lockhart - Cameroon

The author spent many years in a rural parish in south west Cameroon, an area which is currently experiencing civil war.

He writes about reconnecting with people affected by the conflict and his relationship with them. 

He is one of the editors of Ekklesía Online, the national director of the Pontifical Mission Societies in Scotland and a parish priest.

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