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The attraction

of modern times


Chiara Lubich | The attraction of modern times

We republish here one of the author’s most well-known and timely texts that reflects on the vast horizons before us in this shared journey towards holiness. English translation: C. Lubich, Essential Writings, New City Press, Hyde Park New York (2009), pg. 169,

This is the great attraction
of modern times:
to penetrate to the highest contemplation
while mingling with everyone,
one person alongside others.
I would say even more:
to lose oneself in the crowd
in order to fill it with the divine,
like a piece of bread
dipped in wine.
I would say even more:
made sharers in God’s plans
for humanity,
to embroider patterns of light on the crowd,
and at the same time to share with our neighbor
shame, hunger, troubles, brief joys.
Because the attraction
of our times, as of all times,
is the highest conceivable expression
of the human and the divine,
Jesus and Mary:
the Word of God, a carpenter’s son;
the Seat of Wisdom, a mother at home.

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Our shared call to holiness - July to September 2022   no 16 2022/3

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