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Laudatio Sí in action

Marta and Miguel Panão

Pope Francis marked the fifth anniversary of the Laudato Si' (LS) encyclical on May 24, 2020 by announcing the beginning of a Laudato Si' year and by entrusting this year to the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development. Various initiatives took place that subsequently gave rise to the Laudato Si' Action Platform (LSAP). “It is a project of concrete action, a seven-year journey to involve communities so that they become totally sustainable in the spirit of integral ecology", said Pope Francis.


LSAP speaks to the dream of a shared journey of care for our "Mother Earth", as the Pope calls it. It is a journey driven by the same enthusiasm with which so many of us – not only Catholics – welcome Laudato Si'. This pilgrimage – with and for the earth -- is the necessary response for a true integral ecological conversion. It is both a personal and collective conversion in complete harmony with our commitment to the Gospel and universal fraternity.


The website, goes far beyond a simple platform. Behind it there is a passionate effort and a network of intertwining relationships. Each team member knows the other’s personal history and find themselves united in working for this great dream.


From its beginning the Dicastery involved associations and movements in preparing pathways and resources around seven societal sectors. Recent work involved organizations and representatives from all five continents.  The seven sectors are: Families and individuals in openness to all; parishes and dioceses; educational institutions; health care systems; lay movements, NGOs and foundations; the vast economic sector; and religious orders and communities.


The platform’s primary goal is to equip and guide Catholic institutions, communities and family sectors in the implementation of Laudato Si’ over the next seven years. Attention is focused on ensuring the universality of the platform by taking into account the many diverse realities of far-flung countries, villages and large cities across the globe.


Pope Francis wishes to channel the voices of all those who see and understand what is happening to the environment. Laudato Si' is far different from any environmental textbook. It is a transformative experience that gives rise to ongoing, daily initiatives: From ways we interact with one another and how Christian communities relate to nature, to the potential vast societal impact of living more ecological lifestyles.

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